Crop planting in northeast near completion, storm warning issued

The planting progress for soybean and corn has advanced smoothly this year.

According to government data, plantings in northeastern China has reached nearly 92% of total intended area as of this week, more than 3% ahead of the same point last year.

More than 95% of intended soybean plantings have been completed and nearly all spring corn plantings are finished.

Over 70% of spring corn crops in northern China, which were planted earlier than those in the northeast, have begun to spout.

As far as wheat, winter crops are getting ready for harvest next week with the large majority of crops in the maturing stage.

In terms of spring wheat, plantings in northwestern and northeastern China are nearly finished with half of the crops in Inner Mongolia already in the booting phase.

Weather concern

The market has shifted their attention to weather condition in northeastern China after most crops are planted. China’s meteorological center warned that there will be strong wind and heavy rainfalls in the north and the northeast in the first half of this week.

Some areas in Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces even have a risk of hailing that could potentially damage crops.