Animal feed output in April falls, aquatic volume soar

April animal feed production in China totalled 24.5 million tons, down 3.7% compared to March and down 10.8% y/y.

The only category which saw y/y growth was aquatic feed, up 25%, while all other categories of feed fell. Hog feed production fell 15.2% y/y to 9.63 million tons, layer feed fell 9.4% to 2.5 million tons, broiler feed fell 12.1% to 7.05 million tons, and ruminant feed fell 4.4% to 1.15 million tons.

Prices for compound feed also ticked higher in April, with hog feed at 3,690 yuan/ton ($543/ton), up 0.1% compared to March, but up 7.2% y/y. Broiler feed rose 0.6% in the month and is up 10.3% y/y at 3,830 yuan/ton ($563/ton).

Use of corn and soybean meal in formulations was relatively stable. Corn accounted for 48%, up 0.7% y/y, while the use of soybean meal fell 0.2% y/y to 15%.