Extended heatwave impacts corn production

Temperatures over the past week were 1-4C higher than normal, according to the latest report from China’s national meteorological center. Temperatures in many regions also exceeded 35C for 5 to 7 days last week, which is heat wave 3 to 4 days longer than normal.  

The heatwave is likely to continue, with forecasts in Shanghai predicting daily highs over 100F (37.8C) from August 10th through August 16th.  

Most of the county has seen temperature anomalies ranging from 2-4C over the past week.  

In addition, the northeast has seen strong thunderstorms following a typhoon. According to the national weather center, “local strong winds and heavy precipitation caused some farmlands to experience waterlogging, water accumulation and crop lodging” in the northeast.  

The high temperatures will mainly impact rice and corn crops. Corn prices on the Dalian Commodity Exchange continue to rebound following the recent sell-off. Prices rose 1.5% on Tuesday, reaching the highest level in nearly 4 weeks and have rallied over 6% from the July 25th low.