Typhoon to hit southern provinces as record heat continues

Difficult growing weather continues across much of China on Wednesday as the national weather center issued both a typhoon warning and a high-temperature warning.  

In the south, Typhoon Mulan is on track to hit southern provinces Hainan and Guangzhou. Emergency responses were also activated in other provinces as officials warning of high winds and heavy rain.  

The Ministry of Agriculture issued an alert warning that the storm could impact animal farms and fishery production in the region. The south is a large center for aquaculture production as well as hog farming and rice production.  

In the past, flooding has also been a risk to hog farms as flooding or standing water within farms risks spreading African swine fever between operations.  

Wednesday again saw high temperatures impacting much of the Yangtze River delta and Sichuan basin. Typhoon Mulan is unlikely to be any relief from these high temperatures with forecasters warning that high temperatures are likely to continue for the next 10 days and many cities are likely to see record-breaking temperatures.  

In eastern Jiangsu province, the provincial Ministry of Agriculture issued a warning about heat damage to crops. The ministry warned that the province is likely to see record-breaking temperatures and that crops are at risk of heat damage.