Economic planner summons hog companies for meeting

The National Development and Reform Commission have summoned large hog breeding companies to a meeting in Beijing this Thursday to discuss the state of the hog markets.  

Large companies such as Muyuan, Wen’s, and New Hope were invited along with industry groups such as the China Animal Husbandry Association.  

Company officials were told to bring prepared materials including their views on the current situation in the hog market, their outlook through the remainder of the year, and production and sales data for their company including average weights, selling prices, and cost of production.  

Companies were also requested to provide suggestions on ensuring supply and price stability.  

The notice also mentioned that any company representative from areas with any Covid cases in the past 7 days cannot join the meeting. On Saturday, new measures were announced that anyone coming from a city which reported even a single Covid infection in the past week are barred from travelling to Beijing.