Large subsidies to encourage soybean productions

Gongzhuling, a city in China’s northeastern Jilin province, announced subsidy levels for the 2022 grain crop. 

Corn subsidies for the area are set at 1,407 yuan per hectare ($201/ha), soybean subsidies are 7,500 yuan per hectare ($1,071/ha), and rice subsidies are 1,387 yuan per hectare ($198/ha).  

Jilin province doesn’t have a uniform subsidy amount across the entire province and amounts are determined by local governments. Most local governments payments have been relatively similar, with soybeans planted area receiving large payments, and corn and rice receiving less as the government tries to boost soybean production. 

Neighbouring Heilongjiang province also recently announced farmer subsidies, but in contrast in Jilin, the subsidies levels are uniform across the entire province.  

Corn subsidies are 420 yuan per hectare ($60/ha), soybeans are 3,720 yuan ($531/ha), and rice is between 1,350 to 2,100 yuan per hectare ($193-300/ha) depending on irrigation method.