Covid update – Some regions see lockdowns ease while others struggle

Covid cases were relatively steady over the weekend, with cases seeing a drop on Saturday but a sharp uptick on Sunday.  

On Sunday, China reported 807 new Covid infections across 22 provinces.  

In Chengdu, officials lifted the lockdown affecting 21 million residents. As part of the easing of restrictions, residents are required to take a PCR test every 72 hours.  

Guizhou, a province in the southeast, saw a sharp uptick in cases despite having restrictions for the past two weeks. New daily cases spiked from 154 on Friday to 712 on Saturday, potentially indicating an issue with testing or lockdown restrictions.  

This is the highest number of daily cases for the mountainous province, which never saw daily cases exceed 20 per day at the start of the pandemic. 

The situation in the province is receiving increased attention as a bus transporting people to quarantine crashed killing 27 and injuring an additional 20.  

Dalian also eased restrictions over the weekend and lifted its lockdown. The city is now requiring all residents to do a PCR test every weekend.  

Travel is likely to remain muted over the upcoming National Day holiday starting on October 1st.  

Shanghai’s government addressed rumors that people who travel outside of Shanghai for more than 7 days would be assigned a yellow code on their health code app. At the same time, Shanghai’s government suggested people celebrate the holiday locally and avoid travel outside of the city.