Rains and colder temperatures risk harvest delays

Temperatures in northern and northeastern China turned colder last week, with much of the region 2-6 C below normal. Areas along the Yangtze River Delta and northern China also saw high volumes of precipitation. Over the past 10 days many of those areas saw precipitation levels 400% of normal which could delay harvest in those regions.

Much of the northeast has also seen above average temperatures along with colder than normal temperatures which is detrimental to autumn harvest. Over the past 10 days, areas like western Jilin province have seen precipitation levels 400% of normal while also seeing temperatures 2-4C below average.

Over the next week temperatures in the northeast are expected to drop another 6-8 degrees with some northern areas of Heilongjiang started to receive snowfall.

In the south, areas like Hunan and Jiangxi are still experiencing drought conditions and have received minimal rainfall over the past 10 days. This will continue to negatively impact late season rice and also pose issues for rapeseed planting. Hunan and Jiangxi account for approximately 20% of national rapeseed production.