Soil moisture remains good in key wheat regions

Temperatures were generally 1-4C higher than average over the past week, while areas of the northeastern grain belt were 4-6C higher than normal.

Northern winter wheat areas saw sufficient sunlight and warmth for crop development. Rainfall was relatively small, but this isn’t a major concern as soil moisture levels are still sufficient. Development of crops in Henan and Shandong, two major producing provinces, are 3 to 8 days ahead of normal.

Over the next week, temperatures will stay remain slightly higher than average and conditions remain positive for winter wheat and rapeseed crops.

While rapeseed conditions are improving, the crop faced challenges over the past several months. China’s National Meteorological Center noted that “the main rapeseed producing areas are affected by the continuous drought in the last summer and autumn, and the seedling conditions are complicated. They also noted that there are strong differences in early crop conditions by region.

Some areas saw mild to moderate freeze damage, yellowing, and some smaller areas may simply not be viable this year. Conditions have improved in recent weeks and the market will be closing watching how well the crop will recover.