Meat imports face disruption from stricter Covid rules

Cold-chain imports are under increasing pressure due to the current Covid outbreak in China.

Officials believe that coronavirus transmission through cold-chain logistics poses a serious threat and supplies continue to be disrupted.

On Friday, China Customs suspended three Ecuadorian companies, two Indian companies, and one Iranian company from shipping to China.

On March 29, Customs also suspended an Australian exporter due to the presence of coronavirus on packaging of lamb meat.

Beijing’s city government announced new measures for the inspection of any cold-chain products coming into the city.

All cold-chain products coming into China are already tested and disinfected as part of customs clearance process. However, Beijing is imposing stricter measures to inspect any products coming into the city from other parts of China.

Meat, and other cold-chain products, will continue to face strong scrutiny, adding extra handling costs for importers.